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Priority Standards

DESE Priority Standards

Priority standards serve as a solid frame upon which specific teaching and learning decisions are built. They identify what students need to know but not how students learn or how teachers teach. Teachers can use these essential, enduring skills or concepts when developing units to help their students master the big ideas defined by the priority and supporting standards within their grade-level, content area or course.

When teachers have the ability to plan where in the curriculum standards are taught, when in the school year they are addressed and how in the classroom they are emphasized, it allows for both a big picture and a granular view. This perspective leads to the very conversations that strengthen instructional practices and lead to student growth over time.

Being proficient in the big ideas highlighted in the priority standards is crucial to mastery of the Missouri Learning Standards. By supporting student understanding through the priority standards, teachers can make meaningful decisions that influence student progress and achievement kindergarten through 12th grade.

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