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Professional Development

Staff Professional Development

Joplin has a vast array of professional development (PD) opportunities for district staff. Just as students need instruction that meets their individual needs, it is important that we differentiate professional development opportunities to meet the specific needs of our staff.

Our Joplin Professional Development Team (JPDT) is comprised of teachers at every level (elementary, middle school, high school) who are voted on by their peers to serve on this team each year. It also includes several principal representatives who help guide the group. This team determines how 1% of state funds (which must be used for professional development needs only) are distributed and spent. They also develop, guide, and lead the mentor/protégé program for the district and determine district PD needs.

Joplin Professional Development Resource Library

Rather than being directed by the administration, professional development has been moved to the site/building level. With this improvement, teachers and principals are able to address specific needs at their site and truly differentiate learning.

District professional development is provided when buildings have common needs. The district will seek in-district providers of professional development before looking to outside sources. Building capacity within our professional teachers provides a valuable resource as we work to impact students in a mighty way.