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Community Safe Rooms

Community Safe Rooms

The Community Safe Rooms listed below will automatically open to the community during a Tornado Warning or when the tornado sirens have sounded. Community Safe Room doors become unlocked through an automated system - if a warning is active or a siren has sounded, the doors are expected to be open even if a Joplin Schools supervisor has not yet arrived. When a warning or sirens are activated, a blue light will appear over Safe Room doors to help guide community members to the correct, unlocked door.

Notification about Community Safe Rooms being open to the public during an active warning may or may not be announced on the district's Facebook page. The automated door system will still open the doors even if a notification is not posted to Facebook.

If Community Safe Rooms open before a Tornado Warning, or before tornado sirens sound, notification will be posted on the district's Facebook page and on ParentSquare.

Click here for a map of Community Safe Room locations. Please note that while all Joplin schools have safe rooms to accommodate students and staff, only the buildings listed below are accessible to the public as Community Safe Rooms.

Click here to read the Joplin Schools Community Safe Room Rules.

Community Safe Room Locations

A poster with information about community safe rooms in Joplin, Missouri.